When I got home from work today I realized Josh had left the front door wiiiide open while he was gone all day with the kids. Then, a few minutes after going inside I noticed my car keys weren’t on the hook next to our door… because I had locked them inside the car. *sigh*

But here’s where it gets really strange: I didn’t have a meltdown (at least, not a serious one). Instead of letting the door + key situation derail the rest of the day, I dealt with it and moved on and we actually ended up having the best evening.

Some blessed soul from AAA came to rescue my car keys and when the boys got home they immediately ran up to hug me (I am still getting used to being hugged by these tiny little humans—it’s the best).

The four of us (the boys, me, and Josh, not the triple A guy) played in our front yard for almost two hours and the weather was divine—70’s, sunny, and breezy. The boys kicked soccer balls and helped us pull weeds and repeated the names of their cousins over and over and over like a mispronounced but very adorable incantation.

Fat bumblebees buzzed overhead like little airplanes and I occasionally went inside to check on the rice I was making to go with dinner. My mother-in-law sent Josh home with her famous Texas caviar and pork carnitas, so we had an absolute feast.

The boys ate a ton and afterwards CJ was begging for bananas so they each had one of those, too. How am I ever going to feed these boys when they are teenagers?!

Josh gave the kids a bath while I cleaned up the kitchen, and when they emerged with wet hair and jammies they were so giggly and goofy. We played in the living room until it was time for baby bedtime—me with Kye, Josh with CJ. The bedtime tears were nonexistent tonight, probably because they were so worn out from the day.

I just wanted to document all of this this to remind myself: a) you don’t have to automatically lose it if you lock your keys in your car (unless the boys are inside, then you can 100% lose it), and b) you are having so much fun with your kids right now. I know when you look back on the days they often seem like an endless blur of tantrums and thrown food. But then there are evenings like this one, when you all play outside and laugh and eat a late but delicious dinner and no one cries. And then you and your husband watch Liz Lemon banter with Jack Donaghy because there is no better way to end the day than with a 21 minute episode of 30 Rock. And you wonder how on earth you got so lucky.

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