Living in the “and”

Parenting has been challenging me in new ways lately. All the mess and the noise and the Why did you do that when I just asked you not to? It’s enough to make any slightly perfectionistic, Enneagram One person feel a liiiittle bit crazy. In an effort to more fully enjoy this season, I am practicing living in the “and.” Let me explain.

When I’m having a tough moment, I tell myself:

This is hard, and I can do hard things.

This is challenging, and I am making great memories with my family.

This is difficult, and there is so much good to be found in the midst of it.

It helps me remember that while there are unique challenges to this season of parenting two toddlers, there are also unique joys. When else are my kids going to call pineapple “popple,” or splash in the bathtub together, or dissolve into giggles when Josh tosses them up in the air? This is the good stuff. And it’s mixed in right along with the tantrums and tears.

Motherhood is challenging, sanctifying, persevering work. And I was made for this.

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