Tell me about the morning
You ran to catch the train in Sydney
Or how you cried
When they laid your son on your chest
For the first time

Tell me your coffee order
So I can surprise you with it
Or the best pasta you ever ate
Along the sea-drenched coast
Of northern Italy

Tell me your reaction
To the astounding love of God
Or how it feels
When you pray alone
In the depths of the night

Tell me about your first date
At the state fair
Or last night’s date
On the back porch
While the sun set and the babies slept

Tell me about your garden
And how the cherry tomatoes blush
While the peonies unfurl
With a luxurious beauty
That can only be divine

But don’t tell me
There is nothing in this world
That makes you want to live
With your heart wide open
And believe again

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