It’s official: CJ and Kyeler now share a room!

It happened, as many things do, out of sheer desperation. Kyeler was sleeping horribly—crying for at least an hour when we put him to bed, then waking up at 5am screaming. One day I asked him if he was scared of being alone in his room and he nodded, eyes wide. 

“What are you scared of?” I asked him. 

“Horses,” he replied gravely.

Well, not much we could do about that. But we could try to solve the “alone” part of the equation. After consulting with CJ and asking if he would like Kyeler to sleep in his room (“Yep!”), we did a few trial run nights with a pack n’ play. 

The transition went wayyyy smoother than expected, and now we have both cribs in the same room. Do the boys sometimes stay up too late “talking” to each other? Oh yes. Do they sleep through the night and then wake up absolutely delighted to be together? ALSO YES. A definite win in my book! 

I can’t help but wonder—what other things will CJ and Kyeler share as they grow up together? Soccer games, trips, secrets, friends? I’m sure there will always be a healthy dose of competition, whether it is over a toy in the toddler days or something weightier in the teenage days. But more than anything, I hope my boys always share a bond and a friendship like the one I see forming now. I hope they spend many days living out adventures together, and many nights staying up late talking about them.

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