A prayer of thanks for fruit roll-ups

Thank You, Lord, for the simple joy of fruit roll-ups. 

Thank You for the ease with which I can pull them out of my diaper bag, and the immediacy with which they appease my children. Is there any quicker way to improve a toddler’s mood?

I love seeing the look of unparalleled delight on my boys’ sweet faces as they bite into these soft spirals, as if I’ve just handed them the world. 

Thank You for their fruity smell which evokes my own childhood afternoons spent unrolling Fruit by the Foot and pressing the tiny tattoos against my tongue. 

In Your infinite wisdom, Lord, you made the first ingredient fruit so that I can hand these snacks out freely at 9am and call it a health choice. Hallelujah. 

Most of all, Father, I thank You for the way my children’s small voices call out, “Mama? Fruit roll?” from their stroller seats, trusting I have one ready, and trusting I’ll say yes.


(Inspired by A Book of Uncommon Prayer by Brian Doyle.)

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