Cake for breakfast

I miss the days when I could take two seconds to slap the Valencia filter on this terrible photo, post it on my Instagram feed with the caption “Cake for breakfast,” get 8 likes which was actually a lot because that was about half the people following me, then move on with my life and not think about Instagram again until three days later when I opened the app to post a blurry photo of my neighbor’s new golden retriever puppy.

All of that to say, I am taking a much needed Instagram break! (Hashtag posting for accountability.) I’m deleting the app for December and January and then seeing how I feel after that. I’ve been having fun on Instagram lately but I also feel like it takes up too much brain space, and my brain space is at an all time low these days.

Also, as I was writing this I was thinking… isn’t scrolling Instagram kind of like eating cake for breakfast? It’s fun sometimes, but it doesn’t leave you feeling very full or satisfied and probably shouldn’t become an every day habit. Just a thought. Anyway!

I will definitely keep posting here on the blog and would love to connect that way. Or, you know, in real life if possible! 🙂

See you back here soon!

2 responses to “Cake for breakfast”

  1. I have been largely off IG and FB since October, and it has been really good for me! I have been on it only to check in with my kids’ school PTO, which uses FB to share info. I love the comparison of eating cake for breakfast. It’s so apt. I hope you benefit from your break. Thank you for sharing your words here!

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