2023 goals

I am lovinggg all the new year energy swirling around and am letting myself get totally swept up in it! I might abandon my goals by February, but at least I’ll have fun making them in December. Here goes! 


-Submissions + workshop: I’m planning to submit at least four essays this year to various publications, and I would love to take one writing retreat or workshop. I will also keep writing on this little blog! It’s such a fun creative outlet for me. If I have the time and motivation, maybe I’ll give it a bit of a facelift, too. (Narrator: She does not have the time, nor the motivation.


-Getaway: The last time Josh and I went away together just us two was for a little babymoon in Asheville right before CJ was born. I think we’re due for another couples’ getaway! I have my eye on this hotel in Wilmington. 


-Counseling: In early January I’m going to start seeing a therapist who focuses specifically on maternal mental health and pregnancy loss. This one feels like a big investment of both time and money, but I know it’s what I need right now. I’m so thankful to have found this therapist, and beyond grateful for the privilege of engaging in regular counseling sessions. 

-Deleting the Instagram app (for now): I have *loved* being off Instagram this past month! I realized that I don’t actually like knowing what people are up to all the time. In a way I think it detracts from in-person interactions… for example, it feels awkward to ask my neighbor about her vacation if she knows I viewed all her Stories about it. I also don’t like feeling compulsive around the app—opening it whenever I have a spare second and sensing this false urgency to check in. You know?? There are a lot of fun things about Instagram and I’m sure I’ll find my way back there eventually, but for now I’m really enjoying the time away from it.


-Potty training: The pull-ups have been purchased. The books have been read. The miniature potty is poised at the ready. IT’S TIME. If I manage to get two toddlers fully potty trained by the end of 2023, I will consider this year a smashing success. 

-More fun with my kids: This one is super vague and not necessarily measurable, but it’s something I want to keep on my radar. When I’m planning our days, my guiding force is usually what will be easiest for me and result in the least amount of mess. There’s definitely a balance to be had, but right now I’m swinging more towards the Cleanliness Over Fun side of the pendulum. Next year I want to be more intentional about seeking out new adventures with the boys, even if that occasionally includes loud noise, messes, and disrupted schedules. (In related news, I think my blood pressure just went up.)


-Closet: Our bedroom closet is a pain point for me. Every time I open it I have a visceral reaction to the shelf hanging by one single solitary nail, the lopsided stack of storage boxes, and the general sense of disarray that exists there. I try to be low-maintenance about my house (ie it does not look Pinterest-perfect by any stretch of the imagination) but this closet is begging—loudly—to be completely cleaned out and reorganized. Planning to tackle this goal early on in the year. 

-Tiny house: I don’t think I’ve posted much (if at all?) about our tiny house here on the blog, but… yeah! Josh and I bought a tiny house!! It’s currently sitting in our backyard awaiting its first Airbnb guest, although it may be waiting awhile because we still haven’t set up plumbing or electricity. Major 2023 goal is to get this baby up and running! 

That’s all I’ve got for now! Would love to hear any intentions you have for the new year! ❤️

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