12 things Tuesday

1. Last week I took the boys to Quarry Park and we had a blast. There was a walking trail and also a playground that was kind of built into the environment, like trampolines in the ground and such. Will definitely be going back!

2. I recently bought this hair loop tool that was probably popular in the 90’s, if ever, but I love it! I never know what to do with my hair and now I can at least jazz up a ponytail. 

3. This weekend I met up with my bff at The Blend & CO. and it was sooo nice to chat and catch up with her! So thankful for long-lasting friendships. And for chocolate almond smoothie bowls. 😉

4. The tropical punch Olipop has been my favorite lately! I’m actually drinking one as I type this.

5. Last Friday afternoon was kind of rainy and blah but when the boys woke up from nap we put on Jack Johnson and shared a bowl of popcorn and some chocolate and it lifted my mood so much. When “I Got You” came on (my fave) CJ kept shouting “YOU!” really loud and pointing at me. It was one of those moments of gratitude that just caught me off guard and was so sweet. 

6. Recently I ran into Home Depot to pick up something and I realized… I LOVE the way that store smells. I don’t even know how to describe it but it’s great. 

7. We had a friend over for dinner last week and he brought his adorable daughter Sol for us to meet for the first time. What a doll baby!! It was hilarious though because the boys had trouble saying her name and kept calling her either “Salt” or “Stove.”

8. Kyeler turns 3 next week and I actually cannot believe it. Sometimes I feel sad that I don’t have a pregnancy + birth story with him the way I do with CJ. But then I just try to be grateful that he came into our lives in the miraculous way that he did! I will never ever forget meeting him in the NICU and all those months we spent there cuddling him and getting to know him. He just gets sweeter and more fun every year. 

9. My dinner inspiration is at an all time low. Right now I am rotating through pasta, chicken sausage with quinoa and veggies, and breakfast for dinner. Send help. 

10. I really loved this short but sweet Blessing for Emotional Labor.

11. I put a vase of flowers in our room and they’ve been making me so happy whenever I see them!

12. We’re going on vacation soon and I’m super pumped! Will share some pics and such when I’m back!

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