12 things Tuesday

1. We did a belated birthday celebration for Kyeler over the weekend and I made this construction site cake! It was my first time making a birthday cake for one of my kids (normally Publix does the honors) and I really enjoyed the process. 

2. Outer Banks is back woohoooo! Josh and I are on episode 5. 

3. A few books I’ve been reading lately: Spare, Rumors of Water, The Tech-Wise Family

4. Parenting hack: Give your kids some paintbrushes and a bucket of water and ask them to “paint the deck.” When they’re done they can use the leftover water to give their Paw Patrol figurines a bath—those poor pups probably need it since they are covered in all manner of food and beverage. 

5. Our small group is getting dinner at Cugino Forno tonight aka *the* best pizza place! Josh and I always get the margherita pizza. 

6. Is anyone still playing Wordle?! (*raises hand high in the air*)

7. My favorite way to spend a rainy afternoon is taking the boys to the Kaleidium North museum. They get soooo excited about all the little animals! Last week when we went the iguana was eating from a bowl of salad and the boys can’t stop talking about it. 

8. I just remembered I’m working this weekend aka daylight savings when we “lose” an hour… oof. 

9. Josh’s younger brother is steadfastly trying to turn the boys into Eagles fans and it is kind of working. CJ puts his own adorable little twist on their fight song: “E-L-E-L-E-L!”

10. I took a screenshot of this quote last week and have been thinking about it a lot:

11. I don’t know why I’ve been so into Home Depot lately (actually I do know: the tiny house) but I just found out they have free kids’ workshops on the first Saturday of every month! They do mini projects like birdhouses, planters, etc. I’m excited to try one with the boys soon. 

12. TWELVE years ago I was studying abroad in Sydney! It honestly seems like a lifetime ago. Sometimes when I’m in search of essay ideas I look through old photos, and this one took me straight back to those hot Australia days. 

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