12 things Tuesday

Hi friends! How is everyone doing? We are having some lovely sunny weather here in North Carolina and it’s doing wonders for my mood (which has been all over the place lately). Right now the window next to me is full of blue skies and green trees shimmying in the breeze.

While I don’t have a ton of creative energy at the moment, these types of posts feel more like a brain dump/free write situation and that is giving me life right now. So, here we go!

1. CJ calls snap peas “snackies” and I am never going to correct him. He also thinks Hawthorne Road (a main road near our house) is called Popcorn Road and again… it’s just too cute to correct. One day as an adult he’ll be talking to a friend like, “Yeah I grew up off Popcorn Road…”

2. These peanut butter chocolate chip muffins are easy breezy to make and so tasty.

3. I got a butterfly garden for the boys (/me) about a month ago, and since then all of our caterpillars have turned into chrysalides and emerged as butterflies! We released them outside and it was so cool. Also please forgive me if all my future essays include butterfly/metamorphosis metaphors. 

4. A sweet friend of mine sent me an excerpt from a book she’s reading, and one of the quotes was, “God never allows unnecessary suffering.” I’ve been thinking about that a lot lately. 

5. Josh and I recently watched Wakanda Forever, I don’t know what took me so long. Such a beautiful movie. The final scene had me in tears! 

6. We had such a fun little family evening on Saturday. First we hiked (well… ambled) along a gorgeous nature trail, then went downtown for dinner at Yamas and ice cream at Chill! 

7. I currently have Taylor Swift’s folklore on repeat. All the songs are fantastic but I’ve been loving “Invisible String” the most lately. (Side note: Are you supposed to italicize song titles? Put them in quotations? How do I not know this?)

8. Something I like doing at the beginning of each month is journaling about my intentions. For May one of my goals is to take an Instagram break! Right now I am committing to two weeks and then seeing how I feel after that. 

9. Josh and I were reminiscing about our dating days and he said, “Remember that time you made me drive all the way back to your apartment to kill a bug? That should have been a red flag.” Ha! Too late now. 😉

10. I’m reading A Gentleman in Moscow per the recommendation of many people whose book preferences I respect, and you guys… it is such a slog. But I also keep reading it, so maybe I am enjoying it on some level?! Haha I just feel committed to it now that I’m over halfway through. After I’m done (Lord let it be soon) I’m going to start Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow, which also came highly recommended. 

11. My latest go-to dinner when I cannot possibly dinner any more: rotisserie chicken, microwave broccoli, frozen french fries (+ liberal amounts of ketchup).

12. Summer is fast approaching and I am brainstorming ways to have fun with the boys on those sweltering 100 degree days. I’m thinking YMCA, Kaleideum museum, splash pads, my dad’s pool, open play gymnastics…!

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