Staunton trip

I am always so bummed when the weekends with our little people are over! This weekend Josh, E and I drove up to Staunton, Virginia to visit with my family. We have settled on this little town as a halfway point, since a lot of my family lives in Pittsburgh and the rest are here in North Carolina. Staunton is super cute- kind of like a mini Asheville with lots of adorable shops and breweries.

The weekend was very relaxing and included trips to the farmer’s market, Barren Ridge Vineyards, Redbeard Brewing Company (fitting, seeing as my husband has one of those), and Reunion Bakery and Espresso. So much deliciousness!

I am so thankful for my family and how intentional they are about getting together throughout the year. It was also really fun to watch them get to know our sweet E man, who was fun and hilarious as always.

On a completely unrelated note, spring allergies are KILLING ME this year and nothing seems to help. A friend from small group recommended this supplement called Allerplex, which I just ordered and am excited to try. I am open to hearing any and all other allergy remedies! Happy spring!

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