20 week bumpdate

I know I initially said I didn’t want to write much about pregnancy, but this week the motivation just hit! If I’m being honest this is more for my personal memories, but if you are interested, then please read away! 🙂


Currently I am 20 weeks pregnant! I feel so excited and grateful to be able to say that. I can hardly believe that this baby is already halfway cooked. At my 18 week ultrasound we found out we’re having a BOY!!! I cried happy tears throughout the entire thing and then when the ultrasound tech told me it was a boy I just about lost it- it made everything feel so real. I was also genuinely shocked because for some reason I had convinced myself that we were having a girl! Such a fun surprise, though!


I have been feeling pretty good lately although I do hit a big afternoon exhaustion slump most days, but honestly I think that happened before pregnancy?! Ha. So far I have been extremely lucky with sleep and am getting about 8-9 hours each night. I’m sure that will change when we bring baby K home, so I am enjoying it while I can!

All of my food aversions have passed for the most part and I would say my eating is back to what it used to be. Some days I feel like I never stop eating and other days seem pretty normal. I’m not weighing myself, counting calories, or obsessing over nutrition and I trust that if I do my best to take care of my body then she will do the hard work of growing this sweet baby! I am taking this prenatal daily and occasionally taking an iron supplement at the request of my doctor. Based on bloodwork, my doctor also prescribed progesterone shots twice weekly (100 mg straight in the booty cheek!) which my very kind husband has learned how to do. Bless him.

Gender reveal with the fam!

As far as movement, I’ve been doing some online yoga videos (usually ones labeled “gentle” or “prenatal”) and going on lots of walks around the neighborhood. I’ve also been incorporating some of the stretches that the Spinning Babies website recommends. Luckily I am married to a PT, so he’s been able to help me out with recommending certain stretches and pelvic floor exercises.

Right now I am having a lot of fun researching birth options, looking into working with a doula, and building our baby registry. It’s all so exciting but can definitely feel like info overload at times. I keep reminding myself to take it one day at a time! I’m starting to ease back into work now that North Carolina has initiated Phase 2, and as I mentioned before we are likely bringing baby K home from the NICU soon, so life is about to change real fast! All good things, though, and I have to say I feel truly excited and thankful for it all.

I mean… how cute is this kid!

Thanks for reading my pregnancy ramblings! ❤

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