Simple faith

“MOM!” CJ yells from the backseat of our Highlander. 

“Yeah, honey?” I respond. I’m bracing myself for yet another demand, the most recent of which was, “Hold my trash!” But what he says instead catches me off guard:

“Mom, Jesus loves you!”

I look up and see his sweet two-year-old face in the mirror, beaming. He looks so pleased with himself to have imparted this truth.  

“Yeah!” Kyeler chimes in. “Jesus loves mommy! And Kye Kye, and daddy, and Pap Pap…”

The boys spend the next minute talking about everyone Jesus loves, an erratic list which includes friends, family members, and animals. They both giggle when Kyeler shouts out, “Jesus loves the MOON!”

My cynical mind wonders—can it really be that simple? 

I feel like I should capitalize on this moment, make it more educational and impactful. I rack my brain for a relevant Bible story to interject. Maybe something about the brokenness of humanity, or how sacrifice is inherent to love (you know, typical toddler stuff). 

But I know there’s nothing I can add. My boys have shared this age-old truth without any agenda or qualifiers, and I want it to stay that way. I want this childlike faith preserved in their hearts and minds, safe from my own questions and misunderstandings. “For the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”

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