Today she was reckless
She drank fully caffeinated coffee
And let the toddlers
Nap past 3pm

She turned on Peppa Pig
And ignored the laundry
Languishing in the dryer
Getting more wrinkly by the minute 

She swung by the library
Before checking the hours
And checked out more books
Than she has time to read 

She sent an email
Without deleting “Sent from my iPhone”
And only edited this poem
Four times before posting

She went through the drive-thru
Instead of making dinner
And ate perfectly crisp
Hot salty fries straight from the bag

She let text messages go unread 
While reading The Goblet of Fire
Until way past
Her self-imposed bedtime 

She drifted off to sleep
Hoping and praying 
For an uninterrupted night of it
(A girl can dream)

And dared to trust
That the world will keep spinning 
Despite her reckless disregard 
For helping it do so

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