I love a good change of scenery. Over the weekend, my sweet mom flew me up to Pittsburgh to visit with her and her fiance. Despite the fact that much of my family lives in that area, I had never actually explored the Burgh. Doing so reminded me that a) I love cities, and b) I need to explore new places more often!

We mostly ate and walked, which, coincidentally, are two of my favorite things. The night that I arrived, we went to visit my grandpa and then grabbed dinner at a place called Double Wide, which had a really fun menu ranging from pulled pork BBQ to tofu skewers. The next day, we set out to explore the city of Pittsburgh. Once we got there, we started off with an amazing lunch at Bar Louie overlooking the Monongahela River (try saying that five times fast). I got the best fish tacos ever:


After stuffing ourselves silly, we took the T over to Three Rivers Park and walked along the waterfront. I found a tiny home!

Future home?
Riding the T
Three Rivers Park

Pittsburgh is such a cool city with so much history. Mark, my mom’s fiance, acted as our unofficial tour guide and showed us all the old banks, steel buildings, train stations, and ketchup factories.

What I think of when I think about Pittsburgh: Heinz ketchup, rivers, and bridges
Photo taken while walking across the Smithfield Street bridge

For me, a trip to Pennsylvania is never complete without a visit to Handel’s, otherwise known as The Best Ice Cream Place of All Time. I try to get a new flavor each time, and this visit I chose (after much deliberation and roughly 100 samples) chocolate peanut butter brownie.

ice cream

On the final day of my trip we woke up to grey skies and rain, which was just as well since I didn’t have much time before I needed to get to the airport. We spent the morning drinking coffee and eating a delicious breakfast made by my mom, who does such a good job of spoiling me whenever I get to see her.


It was so nice to spend a weekend in my mom’s new city with nothing on the agenda except eating and adventuring. Shouldn’t every weekend be like that?? Until next time, Pittsburgh!


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