Little Moments

I am convinced that beauty is in the little moments. I am also convinced that most of the time, I miss it. This weekend was our first one in awhile without any big plans, and I was able to slow down and actually notice my life rather than buzz through it, anxious to make it to the next thing on the agenda. I am more sure than ever that life really is beautiful if I just slow down enough to notice it.

Some of the beauty that I enjoyed this weekend:

-Waking up to sunlight streaming into our room
-Canopy of bright green trees at Umstead Park
-Stuffed yellow corn arepas
-Cool pool water on hot skin
-The smell of lavender
-Wet beach towel drying over the railing
-Ice cold cantaloupe slices
-Laughing with Josh
Psalm 84:11
-Floral maxi dress
-Multicolored cherry tomatoes
-Stack of new library books
-Creamy hazelnut iced coffee
-Evening strolls in fading humidity
-Morning chats with a best friend
-Old Disney movies on television
-Hands clasped in prayer
-Avocado toast
-Listening to music while I drive
-Sunday night small group


Josh and I are headed to the beach with his family for a few days starting on Friday, so I will be back next week with a little recap. Have a lovely week!

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