A recipe, a quote, & a baby

Hi everyone! Hope you all had a wonderful Easter, strange as it may have felt under these conditions. Josh and I ate some delicious food, watched church online, and visited Baby K, who looked adorable in his knit bunny hat (see below)! Oh and we also watched Honey Boy on Amazon Prime which was… interesting? I will leave it at that!

I haven’t posted a Baby K update in awhile but overall he is doing great! He is finally starting to gain weight and is now about 2 lbs 6 oz. He is also on CPAP now and is tolerating it really well. So proud of that little guy.


The recipe I wanted to share was this super easy one I made for our Easter dinner- sheet pan garlic butter salmon with roasted veggies. Easy + tasty + minimal cleanup… YES. You could probably adjust the cook time and do this with frozen veggies, too.

The quote is one I heard last week via The Next Right Thing podcast and immediately wrote down:

“I am one in whom Christ delights and dwells.

I live in the strong and unshakeable kingdom of God.

The kingdom is not in trouble and neither am I.”

-James Bryan Smith

Such beautiful and comforting truths! I have been repeating this quote to myself over and over ever since I heard it.

So there you have it, friends- a precious snuggly baby, a delicious recipe, and a powerful quote to get your week started off right. Hope you are all staying safe and healthy out there!

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